Archiving Student Work

The Department of Architecture archives student work at the end of each semester. We collect materials for future accreditation, visiting committees, and open houses, as well as to make available for exhibitions and publications.

Deadlines for submitting to the archive for the Spring 2016 semester:

  • COURSES + WORKSHOPS: Friday, May 20, 9 AM
  • BSA + SMARCHS THESIS: Thursday, June 2, 9 AM

In advance of final review:

All studios (undergraduate and graduate) are required to submit to the archive. Please help inform and encourage your students to submit. Students receive instructions of how to select and prepare their files for submission — it is a process. The instructions are hosted by CRON:

In short, students are asked to select ~30 files: drawings, renders, photographs, videos; re-name files; and run a script available on studio computers which renames the files to the following format: 4.022_jzfchang_sjet

If you are teaching a course or workshop you would like to archive, please contact Cynthia Stewart at email Cynthia Stewart by Friday, May 6.

Immediately following final review:

The department brings in a professional photographer to help document student models . As soon as the final review is over, please nominate 2-3 students for photography to Cynthia and the Archive TAs. They will arrange the photography schedule.

Remind students to document their work and submit to the archive! Students are sent daily reminder emails.

How to access:

The archive is set up so that anyone can access files on campus. The below username and password allows for view only access. So far, we have this set up for 14FA, 15SP, and 15FA. If your students did not submit, we don’t have their work.

On a MAC, go to Finder > Go > Connect to Server (Apple command key – K)
Server address: smb://

Username: archiveview
Pass: aaalto